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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 20, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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i will see you again here tomorrow and "studio b" with shepard smith starts right now. >> shepard: alisyn, thanks a lot. the news begins anew on "studio b." north korea's dear leader kim jong il is still dead. can no longer, well, look at things. looking at fresh tomatoes, looking at women's bras. we will talk to a man who cataloged all the looking at things from the late dictator's photo ops. 14 days from the iowa caucuses. one poll says the former house speaker newt gingrich has slipped to fourth place. the latest on the g.o.p. nomination race coming up. plus, new details on the search for a missing 20-month-old girl in maine. why cops there say they have an suv owner by the toddler's father in custody. unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." first in fox at :00 no deal.
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the house of representatives summarily captions by closed captioning services rejected a senate bill which they were for which would have extended those payroll tax cuts for two more months. they say they want a full year extension they know they can't get it now the house republicans are talking with senate democrats to try to talk about some sort of common ground. the deadline is about 11 days away. here is where we stand right now. if congress doesn't pass a bill by the end of the year tax also go up on 160 million americans. works out to $1,000 per person right out of your paycheck. a lot of money in these very tough times. today the president said this is not the time for a high stakes game of poker with the american economy. get to mike emanuel on capitol hill. the president stepped in to try to resolve this stalemate. came to the podium. >> that's right, shep. after the house essentially voted to say we're going to put aside the two month extension passed by the senate. send it to a conference to try to hammer out a deal. well, the president came out. here was his message.
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>> now, let's be clear, right now by part son compromised on saturday is the only viable way to prevent a tax hike on january 1st. it's the only one. >> interesting because the last time we heard from the president on this topic was saturday after the senate had passed the two month extension so he thought crisis overted. all of a sudden the house not so fast want a one year deal. >> shepard: house speaker john boehner spoke mommy's later. what was his message. >> essentially he was saying mr. president, i need your help as well. here is the speaker firing back. >> next step is clear. i think president obama needs to call on senate democrats to go back in session move to go to conference and sit down and resolve this bill as quickly as possible.
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i sent a letter to the president today asking him to do just this. >> so bottom line, senate majority leader harry reid daughter unconscionable that the speaker of the house has not passed the two month extension that passed with a wide majority bipartisan majority in the united states senate. it appears we are very much stuck at this point not clear how it all plays out. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel on capitol hill. thanks very much. let's bring in an expert with us to break down the payroll tax battle what it means to us. the associated editor of barren's financial magazine. barrens is observed by the parent company of our network. all politics if you want tax cuts how do you pay for them. >> deficit hawks gig digging in heir heels and saying even though this is similar to the idea of extending the bush tax cuts which got done the idea of hey you don't want to raise taxes in a fragile economy, still you want to emphasize
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your ideological stance. and that right now is you have to have them so-called paid for by spending cuts. >> shepard: this went through the senate. they couldn't get the year deal. >> right. >> shepard: republicans to the tune of 80% agreed to two month extension so they could get it done after that. >> right. >> shepard: everybody was cool with that in the house. all of a sudden for political reasons, the house said no, we have got to have a year. knowing the senate has already gone and they can't get a conference. what are they doing? called minority rules. >> tea party influenced legislators, right. absolutist in the sense we have to attack the spending part. the interesting thing is, you know, it's unclear to a lot of observers whether the democrats are very upset about this course of events because it does maybe give them ammunition going into the election year. >> shepard: maybe? >> look, this is an effective
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tax increase at least on a short-term basis for every working american. that can't be good. >> shepard: this is working for president obama's poll numbers. his approval ratings are up and disapproval ratings a down. republicans must be seeing that. >> presumably so. it's interesting. because for a while the idea that the president was willing to push for a compromise and middle ground seemed like a weakness at least from his party. >> shepard: his base hated it. >> all of a sudden it may seem like the reasonable party. unclear how this all plays out. i wouldn't say this is going to be some cataclysmic economic event a thousand bucks a year for the average earner is a big deal but it's 20 bucks a week. it is symbolic. the more you see this stuff fought out in public and basically feel fighting out the idea that we can't afford the things pa that we are spending on right now i don't think is very good for the confidence of the consumer. >> shepard: i wonder if one side or the argue. might make the argument this is the last time you want to take money out of the cash flow situation because cash
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needs to flow. >> if it's not funded by spending cuts. this payroll tax situation right now is basically funded by a government that's able to borrow under 2% for 10 years. it's not the worse thing in the world to kind of keep the cash flowing through as i say a fragile economy. >> shepard: prediction? >> i don't know. i think by the way it doesn't matter that much. if it's two months it doesn't really matter. >> shepard: mike, nice to see you. >> thank you very much. >> shepard: new video from the peninsula shows divided reaction to the dear leader kim jong il's death. they ran pictures showing his dead body or i should say body in a glass coffin surrounded by red. kim jong illa blossoms. the late dictator had his own flower and who doesn't? a reporter from the associated press is the only independent foreign journalist reporting from north korea and he described how people in pyongyang are reacting to the death. look. all over the city you can see
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separate mourning events. hundreds of people are lining up to go and stand in front of the portrait of the deceased general kim jong il and crying and whaling for a few minutes before they are moved along so the next group can come up. this kind of thing is going on all over the city. >> shepard: we noted yesterday apparent crying but tough to find any tears among all the wailing. meantime our own greg palkot captured reaction across the border in south korea. >> they were thinking and talking about what it means for south korea, what it means for north korea for the entire korean peninsula. >> it's a bad thing in my opinion. >> why? >> basically we don't think that the kim jong un is ready to take over north korea at this point. >> apparently some concern over kim jong il wants son -- isle's son.
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no mass displays of mourning in the streets. jonathan hunt is with us now. kim jong un needs some help to run this country, doesn't he. >> he really does. is he only 27 years old. at least we think he is about 27 years old. he has only been involved in the leadership circle since being designated the successor just a couple of years ago. he is going to need on-the-job training. you see him here paying respects to his father laying in state right there. there are two people who are the key to this. we talked about them before. you can see them here in this the last known photo taken of kim jong il. behind kim jong il there spot shadowed is his sister. she is going to be very important. she was in the corridors of power her entire life. along herror just behind her is her husband jang song. those two have been in power. they want to keep power. they may well be the ones who
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are really running the country as kim jong un gets this on-the-job training, shep. >> shepard: is anybody talking about the chance that this might open up north korea in some way? >> there is a thought that maybe it will bation kim jong un has a taste of the outside world. he was educated for a number of years in switzerland. he has had people around him who have had a taste of the outside world. there is maybe a small chance. on the other hand, some experts say the exact opposite could be true. listen now to jonathan pollock of brookings. >> there is a cadre of reasonably well educated north korean officials at the top, but, you know, the knowledge of the outside world does not necessarily translate into a willingness to accommodate. they may fear, if anything, that too close an interaction could undermine their absolute grasp on power. >> one thing very interesting as we have talked to all the
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experts over the last cup perform days on north korea is they all say, shep, on the one hand, on the other hand, everything admits that everything we are saying about north korea right now is speculation. nobody knows anything for sure because the country has been so closed off for so long. >> shepard: so it seems. do you feel like chatting about this. >> certainly. >> shepard: jonathan will chat about this and the rest of the day's stories at once you get to click on the hunt link on the right-hand side page and there jonathan will be in all his glory. have you seen the blog kim jong il looking at things? it's one of our favorites. the dead dictator seemed to walk around and, i don't know, look at things. >> a lot of things. >> shepard: looked at things. we will talk to the guy who started a kim jong il is looking at things in a few minutes. couple big developments in the tech world today. all of them could effect your cell phone bill. details from the fox business network yet. just in time for the travel rush, that giant snow storm is creeping its way across the
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>> shepard: at&t today gave up its effort to buy t mobile u.s.a. all of those that can't get connections. officials $39 billion stock and cash move. regulators were concerned that that merger would have hurt some customers alleged
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competition in the cell phone business. do you think? apple scored a big victory against a big rival in the fiercely competitive smart phone market. involves technology widely used on almost all smart phones. ashley webster from fox business is with us now. the at&t deal, what happened? no big surprise here at all. the justice department filed suit trying to block this particular deal. at&t say this is a classic example of the government interfearing in private enterprise. there is no doubt about it, at&t needed t mobile to get more airwaves. you talk about the connection with at&t, it needs more spectrum. more airwaves. they were hoping to get that through t mobile which would have been the worse combined have the been the largest mobile phone company in the united states. don't feel so bad for t mobile that is owned by deutsche telecom as part of this breakup of the deal they will get multibillions. 4 to 6 billion from at&t because the deal didn't go
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through. steve jobs used to complain google steals all its stuff. >> they got dozens of patents out there, shep. certainly steve jobs, of course, who passed away in october, always said that the google's android operating system was a complete rip off of the iphone. what this deals with. >> which it is. it is. this particular one is data trapping. get an email and fen number in it. this particular patent you can take that phone number and actually call it. it picks up that information. the problem is here whether this finally settle the feud between the two companies? >> no absolutely not. google says apple is using litigation to basically dominate the smart phone market, which, in some respects they are. so, but here we go again. more of the same. >> shepard: ashley, look for you on fbn. i wonder what the lawyers have to say. here they are over here. lawyers, at&t.
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>> that whole antitrust thing, they would have been the biggest. start off with five or six companies now down to three. would have been at&t, verdicts, and sprint. >> that's about it. >> and then down to two and then down to one and then that's not america anymore. >> shepard: you are right. down to one bank. [ laughter ] got three banks there. >> what else do you need. >> shepard: partridge in a pear tree. >> that's sad. >> shepard: this other matter, i don't know, antitrust lawsuit that could go on forever and make a lot of lawyers rich. >> jobs went down saying it. little part. >> shepard: what went down? >> steve. >> shepard: oh. >> at least round one he was accurate. that's america. so now what's going to happen? they have to pay billions of dollars, google going to be paying bills of dollars to apple for the infringement? >> why don't we spend the
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money and do better things with technology instead of beating each other up. at what point do we worry about the people buying the stuff and make sure they are taken care of? >> shepard: kind of like congress? >> i wish. >> shepard: line them all up. thank you, boys. we will be back. winter weather. good grief. fierce snow storm crawling deeper into the great plains today. authorities blaming the system for at least six deaths already. blizzard conditions closing down part of i-40. major highway. dispatcher says the whole southwest part of the state of kansas is pretty much shut down. our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is in the oklahoma panhandle. my goodness, frosty there. how is it going? >> it's cold snow doesn't look pretty very long. they start to plowl it and t looks like this and you start to get the slush. this right here is highway 64.
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comes through oklahoma. we're through 20 miles from kansas. 30 miles from colorado. this road cuts through mexico up to kansas. and so it's not in that bad of shape right now. get up on to the side roads and it's still very, very difficult. this storm was so bad you take a look at some of the video out in new mexico and out oof texas and you can see exactly what happened. the wind was blowing so hard, shepard for an 18 hour period. we're talking about winds of 50 miles per hour and very heavy snow leaving around 12 to 18 inches in the deepest spot. you get that kind of storm and that kind of wind and it causes all kind of problems. places are still shut down. a lot of highways are still shut down. i 40 which was closeside reopen. part of i-70 in kansas was closed and reopen. part of santa fe was closed and now it's reopen. that's a start shepard in the process of digging out here. >> shepard: a lot of people mighty happy to get this snow dump, huh?
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>> yeah. i tell you what? a really interesting story. everybody you talk to here they say one thing. how happy they are to get it because they need it. take a look at this drought map. you can see where the drought is we have been talking about this for a year now. worst drought they have ever had here. this snow falling very close to where a lot of drought is. right around guymon. they got 9 inches of snow. they have planted the winter wheat. this is the best thing can you do is get this wet snow to sit on top of the ground and slowly melt and melt into the ground great for the crops and folks here are happy. it means good news for pocketbooks come next spring. >> shepard: i hear that probably like to have christmas snow. >> i don't think that's going to happen in brooklyn, new york. >> shepard: no it isn't. father of the 20-month-old girl says the toddler disappeared from his home in the middle of the night. today cops took the dad's suv as part of their investigation. the latest on the search for this little girl.
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>> shepard: there is a 20 month old girl still missing in maine. the search has ratcheted up, today, police say they have seized the suv owned by the toddler's father. as you may know, little ayla reynolds' father says he last saw her on friday night when he put her to bed. the father claims when he woke up in the morning on saturday morning, she wasn't there anymore investigators say it's possible somebody abducted the girl. the parents are cooperating. by the way they are separated. cops say several people in the father's home the night she vanished. not many clues so far but
3:24 pm
there is one thing that police say could help the case. the little girl is wearing a soft cast or should be on her left arm after she broke that arm in a fall which -- with us now is former prosecutor and randy zellin. part of it is they are separated. the day before all of this mommy tried to get custody full-time custody of this child but she thinks daddy didn't know that we can't know that. >> you just have to base it on what she did. maybe she went to court or something. he would have no basis of knowledge. even though they haven't spoken, how could the fact that they haven't spoken? their kid is missing. i don't care the anxiety. your kid is missing. >> shepard: taking et course of this investigation. >> he hasn't called me. i haven't called him. he is he doesn't know i'm scratching my head. i don't know where these two
3:25 pm
go. >> shepard: sometimes when two sides won't speak to each other, one side might have done something. i'm sure that's one of the things to which police are investigating because you always look at the parents first. always this is a perfect example of things spinning out of control. two people cops could have a field day with. you have mom drug addict, loses custody of her kid. every reason in the world to either try to swipe the kid or maybe to harm the kid and pin it on dad. dad, broken arm, no explanation for the broken arm. not talking to mom. maybe dad did something with the child knowing that mom was trying to get the child. or maybe dad did harm to the kid. this is why you shut your mouth. >> randy at the press conference, the lead investigator says both parents were cooperating with the lead investigator. they weren't cooperating with each other but they were cooperating with the lead investigator. >> shepard: then there there is this. prosecutors resting their case soldier against the biggest leak of national security in american history. as you may know private
3:26 pm
bradley manning. brad ass 87 as he calls himself. aiding the enemy. faces life in prison if found guilty. under the name brad ass 87 he sent hundreds of thousands of diplomatic documents to the whistle blower wikileaks. the defense has not denied the allegations. instead they have painted private manning as an emotionally troubled soldier who should have never had access to the files. catherine herridge points out this shouldn't happened. we have learned a lot of things that have helped a whole lot from. this that defense is almost like you are blaming the victim if the victim is the united states army. they are saying. >> shepard: i wasn't defending him. >> no, no. that's what their defense is. he is an emotionally disturbed person who should have never had access to the documents. so their defense is basically to the court martial folk you guys gave him access to this stuff. not usually a solid defense. >> so much more to this case from a legal perspective as we
3:27 pm
have discussed they can't prove half of this stuff. he didn't give it to the enemy unless wikileaks suddenly has become the enemy. in the age of the protester. in the age of trying to get some change in this country, that's what this guy was trying to do. bring about some change. >> stop it, stop it. >> he had top secret clearance. >> shepard: almost none of this stuff was a secret and both of you know it. >> i'm agreeing. i don't think the guy should go to jail for life. he is admitting guilt. is he trying to help. >> if guilt was excuse. >> he was trying to help not hinder. >> shepard: what if he were newt gingrich? republic presidential hopeful newt gingrich is having a very bad week. from a double digit lead to third place, even fourth in some polls. what does this mean for newt? and what about the rest of the candidates as we approach the iowa caucuses? and what if ron paul runs as a third party candidate? plus, power outage in one of our most famous football
3:28 pm
stadiums. man that football game went a long time. didn't it? what the heck happened to monday night football. that's ahead. bottom of the hour and top of the news on "studio b."
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>> shepard: this is "studio b." it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. fox news is america's election headquarters. a significant drop for the former house speaker newt gingrich. who is stunned that he dropped. a week ago today average of all the polls he still held a double digit lead. today newt gingrich is third on average behind romney and ron paul like all the others before him flavor of the week. fourth place in one poll showing he trails governor rick perry. "the washington post"/abc news poll lines up obama leads 51% to 43% over gingrich.
3:32 pm
governor romney is in a tie with the president among registered voters for 47%. none of that means anything because it's not election day. two weeks to go before the iowa caucuses, former house speaker newt gingrich and some of his rivals are aggressively campaigning against the hawkeye state while romney campaigns in the northeast. get to james rosen on this. he is live in washington. hey, james. >> shep, good afternoon. this day on the campaign trail brings us reminders as much as gingrich and romney might prefer to be so this is not, not yet anyway a two man race. rick santorum show 4% despite having spent the mother time on the ground in iowa won the endorsement of a pair of social conservatives with wide sway in the hawkeye state. among them bob van der plats ceo of the family leader. the group's board of directors opted to remain neutral. the windfall from this may not includes infusion of foot soldiers. ron paul, professor of the
3:33 pm
fear some field team is now the frontrunner according to the real clear of polls. updated version of a previous tv ad set to run on broadcast and cable outlets and patterned paul plays up his estrangement from the establishment. >> the story of smooth talking politicians. insider deals. games of he said, she said. rhetoric and the division. one man has stood apart stood strong and true. >> newt gingrich meantime is hitting four cities in iowa today looking to arrest the polling slide that shep just referenced. gingrich spokesman apologized to using a curse word to describe mitt romney even as the former house speaker claims to be running a positive campaign as in this youtube greeting from mr. and mrs. gingrich. >> from our family to yours, merry christmas and happy new year. i'm calista gingrich. >> and i'm newt gingrich and i
3:34 pm
approve this message. >> finally, a holiday treat for texas governor rick perry as he was joined on the stump in four iowan cities today joined by bobby jindal. >> that was just heart warming. let's get to political consultant ed rollings former member of the reagan administration. former republic presidential candidate michele bachmann that went well and governor huckabee as well a fine man. is he a fox news political analyst. newt gingrich, you are not surprised at all, are you? >> no, i'm not. he has no campaign ago go tis particular call role he thought he would have to have one. opponents got $25,000 in an ad like this one. he was in virginia signing books when he should have been in iowa. >> shepard: can we close the book on it? >> is he not going to win iowa. he could have won iowa but he is not going to win it. >> shepard: that's it now. >> no. the bottom line is he still
3:35 pm
has the opportunity to be the conservative alternative to romney. >> shepard: what about rick perry. >> he is on the move and has resources. he is starting to sail a little bit. it's really those three that can play here plus paul. paul could win iowa very easily. >> shepard: ron paul as a third party candidate. >> that will guarantee obama getting reelected. >> shepard: is that to say ron paul won't do that? back up to 2000 will, nobody wanted him in the debates. nobody would put him on television. this time he is the most organized guy out there, isn't he? >> he has been running nonstop for six years. he came very close 150 votes of winning the straw poll. he will win the caucus or come in second. >> shepard: you think he he is probably going to win iowa. >> i think he could easily win iowa. >> shepard: you think he will. >> i think he will. >> shepard: ed rollins thinks ron paul wins the iowa caucuses. that would turn the establishment on its left ear spinning. >> saying that everybody will attack him for the next two weeks because is he now the frontrunner.
3:36 pm
at the end of the day his organization as has not gone away. you won't pull paul people away from paul. >> shepard: you can remind people of his previous positions on things. for instance, that iran is entitled in some way to something nuclear. that's just getting started. >> that's just getting started. he has a lot of rubbish that was written in the past. he has been pretty radical and some of that stuff will get exposed today. but he has a die hard following. foreign policy is nuts. not going to be the nominee of this party. but at the end of the day he basically could be a spoiler. >> shepard: is he the guy that would do that though? >> i don't know. he clearly has supporters out there and if hes is not treated with respect. particularly if he does well in iowa. you know, he basically can do anything he wants to do. he is an old man who basically and i say that as another old man who is not going to run for re-election. we get not treated with respect he is not going to be treated with respect. >> shepard: president obama's poll numbers are up. to what do you attribute it. is this t. this battle with this congress. >> polls are all about contrast and you contrast him
3:37 pm
even though he may not be a good president or want to be a good president with what's going on on our party and people looking more kindly toward him. equally important the chaos going on in congress. worst rated congress in history. people say the president is not as bad as they are. you know, long-term, you know, going to be very competitive race and very close race. >> shepard: if ron paul does as you say he will win the iowa caucuses then the money goes towards ron paul. >> he has money. he doesn't need the establishment money. >> shepard: i meant the fight against the other. the fight is then against ron paul? >> i think they are already starting to bad mouth him a little bit. my sense right today is romney money is going against gingrich. gingrich could be, rick perry could be and obviously that's their focus. >> shepard: peter king coming out and newt gingrich coming out. >> the bottom line newt has many allies and friends and admirers as i am one and many
3:38 pm
people who hate him. polarizing figure as speaker and someone who got to the top. he is a change agent. obviously when you are a change agent you polarize. he has significant people coming out against him and pretty important people coming out for him. he had the opportunity to pick that ball up and run with it but he didn't take it. >> shepard: know didn't. ed rollins. the headlines from ed rollins today ron paul wins the iowa caucuses and will be there on january the 2nd. >> i do believe voters get to vote though. >> shepard: predictions are fair. and if anybody is entitled to make one it's you. >> thank you. >> shepard: i wish we could have new year's eve at home. i don't know who to blame for that. i think it's mitt romney, isn't it? >> yes. >> shepard: american troops returning home for the last time in the iraq war and president obama there to greet them. a live report on that. plus, say what you want about the dear leader kim jong il. he was mighty good at looking at stuff. he looked at cheese he looked
3:39 pm
at dolls detergent and fish tanks and looked at a bottle of water. they don't have that there. all they have is missiles. no food, certainly no fish. a guy who painstakingly recorded all of that looking. plus, first, meteorologist janice dean the weather machine with the skinny now on the snow storm. hello. >> hello, shepard. it's winding down. that's the good news. no blizzard warnings up. snow across the plains and midwest. perhaps the chance for severe weather over the gulf coast. we actually saw some tornado warnings earlier on today. and then we're mainly dealing with kind of a messy, slushy mix across the northeast. looking at the storm over the next 48 hours continues to move eastward. a little too warm for snow though across the northeast, maybe up towards canadian border there. new england region. mainly dealing with rain. next weather maker comes over the rockies.
3:40 pm
some of this energy, shepard, could translate into perhaps, perhaps, a nor'easter for christmas. we have to watch this friday into saturday. there is our developing low pressure across the southeast heading into sunday christmas day could see travel problems across the mid-atlantic and northeast maybe snow. more "studio b" coming up after this. call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>> shepard: at long last it is over. a ceremony today to mark the end of the iraq war, president obama and the vice president joe biden at joint base andrews in maryland to observe the return of the united states forces iraq colors. that's the flag that soldiers lowered from staph in baghdad last week. the last u.s. combat troops rolled out over the weekend end ended our nine years of war. wendell goler is on the lawn this afternoon. the troops are actually home i guess a couple weeks earlier than we thought they were going to be home, wendell. >> you are right, shepard. once it became clear that the
3:44 pm
iraqis weren't going to allow them to stay into next year a few thousand to stay into next year by extending their immunity from prosecution, the obama administration decided there was no need to wait to new year's eve and get the troops home for christmas which the servicemen and women certainly appreciated. the president greeted the returning military leadership, the generals as their plane landed at joint base andrews the home of air force one. the last commander of u.s. forces in iraq general lloyd austin said the troops had accomplished their mission and remembered those who didn't come home. >> to the families of our fallen, our gold star families our nation owes you a debt of gratitude that it can never repay. please know we share in your loss and you will always be a part of our family. >> nearly 4500 servicemen and women were killed in iraq. that's u.s. servicemen and women. 30,000 were wounded, shepard.
3:45 pm
>> shepard: wow. the president didn't speak there but did speak later. >> he did. his aides said the ceremony wasn't about him. it was about the troops who served in iraq. he didn't speak there. later he showed up unannounced during jay carney's briefing and referred to the ceremony saying the people who had put their lives on the line in iraq were counting on congress to do the right thing about the payroll tax cut. here is a bit of what he had to say. >> put politics aside put aside issues where there are fundamental disagreements and come together on something we agree on. let's not play brinksmanship. the american people are weary of it they are tired of it. they expect better. the president said lawmakers on capitol hill could learn something from the men and women who served in iraq. shep? >> shepard: indeed they could. wendell goler at the white house. wendell, it's nice to see you. thanks so much. a lot of questions following
3:46 pm
the death of the leader kim jong il. who is in control now. what's up with the nuclear weapons and probably most importantly who is going to look at things now? kim jong il was probably one of the world's best at looking at things. here is the dictator looking at women's brass. looking at a radish. looking at even a butter cookie. on the phone with us now from lisbon, portugal is the founder of the blog kim jong il is looking at things. we love your blog. how are you? >> thank you investment. nice to hear. >> shepard: i have loved this thing for the long time. dear leader brought up endless entertainment. at the same time we remember starving his people to death. here he is looking at wine. how did you get this idea and pull this off? >> actually, it started about close to a year ago. i was watching an image
3:47 pm
gallery on kim jong il on the "boston globe." he was such a series of surreal images. it was like a mini version of the blog him looking at things with the same coat, the same glasses, the same hat. i just couldn't believe that this is what passed as propaganda in north korea and i thought he deserved a blog of its own. >> shepard: i think one of the things that we notice around here victor emanuel one of our producers notices is he -- even when is he indoors this while looking at the soft drink looking at the coat. he is wearing the coat. the message there to all of us is there is no heat anywhere. >> no, i don't think so. >> shepard: don't have heat. look at aerial photograph. ought lit up north korea is dark at night. >> some of the images are kind of surreal especially the factories. you noticed that they sore clean. almost like nobody ever worked there in their lifetime.
3:48 pm
>> shepard: all they make is missiles anyway i don't i don't know if they even have butter. >> no. they probably import that. >> shepard: here is he looking at detergent while all wrapped up. johnny loved the idea. i guess you will keep it going for a while we won't see him looking at things. >> i made the decision to continue running the blog at least as long as i have photos. i have an archive of 370, i think. and i decided to keep posting as usual until i run out and then i guess that's it. >> shepard: why not. looking at fresh tomatoes something in great supply there in north korea and women's brass. i don't know. thank you. >> thank you. >> shepard: i wish it were this easy propaganda looking at things. >> is he creative gentleman. he has a very interesting artistic eye. >> shepard: he does. >> now he is looking at the ceiling. no he is not. dead. he is no more looking.
3:49 pm
>> eyes are open. looking at the ceiling. >> don't know that's him. >> shepard: for all we know he is sitting in a back room looking at a is i cigar maybe elvis didn't either. a company pulls an ad because the people who made it used software to touch up a photo of singer taylor swift. have you heard about this? the reportedly under pressure from regulators who claimed the photo was misleading. wait until you see this. we'll report. we will let you decide and probably talk to the lawyers again because they are here. at least one of them is being paid.
3:50 pm
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3:52 pm
>> shepard: would you looky here. look at that thing, would you. the dow up 3 percentage points
3:53 pm
today. apparently they are not as worried about europe today. they will be worried about europe again in a couple days or something and then it will go down and then they won't be so worried about it anymore and it will go back up. but today it's up. if you sell everything today you will have more than the day that they are worried about europe. today they are not. advertising company has been doing it for a long time. touching up photographs of models hocking products removing the imperfections. recently ad companies have calling out. companies demanding the ads get yanksd. the latest involves this proctor and gamble ad for mascara. it includes fine print which reads eye lashes enhanced. people complained p and g pulled it the lawyers are back. if you write it at the bottom you are selling mascara. >> that's the problem. >> shepard: you touch you up the eye lashes. if you write it at the bottom of the screen.
3:54 pm
>> that's the problem. advertising a a car and the picture of the car is actually different than the car itself. >> shepard: as long as you say that at the bottom of the screen the picture is wrong. >> what's the purpose of having the advertisement to begin with. it's supposed to show you something that forces you to go to the store, encourages to you go to the store to purchase it if you are going to store to purchase something that's not at the store it's just fraud. >> shepard: do you know what this sounds like is every politician. are the rules different for them? >> absolutely brilliant point. they should be forced to wear this mascara. >> shepard: they do actually. what is amaizing to me. imagine sitting in that production meeting let's photo shop the mascara, no one will ever know the difference. seriously. >> shepard: how could they not know they wrote it at the bottom. >> suddenly the disclaimer. >> shepard: what about that guy who talks really fast at the end of a car commercial. i don't know what he is saying. >> nonsense. how about the poor girl whose husband is out of work, everybody is depressed.
3:55 pm
i'm going to look good for my husband tonight. i'm going to go spend my lunch money. >> shepard: where are you from 1930s america? >> my god how do you do that? is nyu behind this? you have got to be kidding me. this is horrible. how do you do that? >> shepard: i don't know. >> think you are going to get away with it. >> good for proctor and gamble doing the right thing. >> shepard: pulling it after they got called out on it. >> that means they got caught. >> taken the shepard smith position and said hey we have got the disclaimer down there. you can't see how good -- you are playing devil's advocate. >> what i'm saying is they are covered. not false advertisement. >> only the defense they can come up with eye lashes are so small in a picture that you need to enhance it to actually sell the product because if you don't enhance it you can't even see. >> photo shop my head. he has a full head of hair. come on you can't do that. >> shepard: i would.
3:56 pm
it doesn't work on video. you could have hair added if you wanted. >> it would be ugly. >> it would be wrong. >> shepard: it would be wrong to add hair. >> it wouldn't be wrong it would be me. >> i have done the wig thing. >> shepard: a lot of people have not added hair but i will if it becomes necessary, i will add hair what the hell. >> if it ever becomes less painful. >> shepard: the moment i'm not on tv i will probably shave the whole thing bald. >> extraordinarily painful. >> shepard: painful? there is pills for that. >> how do you know? >> i had it. >> you did? >> stuff they don't tell you. that's the stuff that they don't replace falls out and leave you whatever they put in. >> shepard: why do you wear makeup on the set. >> they make me. they do yell at us if we don't wear makeup. >> shepard: headline on this day on the program ed rollins who we call ef hutton.
3:57 pm
when he speaks people listen. ed rollins declared on this day on this program the winner of the iowa caucuses will be ron paul. i don't know. stand by. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of a pain free holiday. ♪
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